Innovative Communication Portal for Salesforce

As companies innovate with speed to keep pace with customer expectations, and the competition--connected experiences are challenging to come by, as systems and data are often siloed in ways that mirror organizational structures. Siloed systems deter collaboration--which is vital to delivering seamless customer experience. To this end, PhoneAppli is transforming communication methods within an enterprise to help customers, reform their collaborative work culture and increase their business value. The company provides an innovative communication portal integrated with advanced communication tools such as Cisco WebEx and Skype Business to link disparate departments and enhance productivity.

PhoneAppli's extension application for Salesforce enables users to amalgamate all communication tools such as phone, email, and chat, including business card management. The solution provides an easy and secure method to centrally manage contacts directly from a smart-phone or PC as an "Internal/External Web Phonebook".
PhoneAppli allows users to share their business card information immediately after capturing an image on their smart-phone and automate contacts registration from business cards to lead/accounts on Sales Cloud. Besides, PhoneAppli provides OCR option by default and displays incoming calls from synced Salesforce contacts. The company offers flexible sharing settings such as company-wide sharing, within department or an individual.


The company's unique peer-to-peer employee reward and recognition service called "PHONE APPLI THANKS" sets it in a league of its own. While most companies have employee recognition programs at the end of the quarter or the year--PhoneAppli provides instant timely recognition by peers rather than the boss or the senior management.Employees can select the design and send thanks cards to their peers along with "thanks points" from their smart-phone, then those points can be exchanged to a gift card. This helps companies empower their employees on Salesforce, create a healthy work culture and provide transparency on daily jobs with integrated view of team performance. Thus, rewarding, recognizing and enhancing productivity of the employees.

To illustrate, the effectiveness of PhoneAppli's solution--Mikio Yanashita narrates an incident when a silicon valley high tech company had approached for assistance. The company was looking for the effective way to express an appreciation among employees upon various events to boost their culture, especially for sales representative. In the past upon major win of a deal, sales reps sent an email to everyone who supports the deal. Now with ThanksGo, sales reps can send a thanks card with a message and points whenever they appreciate the support from others. All massages will be post on PHONE APPLI THANKS board so that everyone can view it, add points, then all those points can be exchanged to a gift card without any complicated process. PHONE APPLI THANKS can generate major gift cards within a minute, based on the company's budget and funding.

Employees can enjoy the message from their peers as well as a gift card, which creates a joy in the work environment and boost motivation among employees.

Moving into 2020 with more such success stories, PhoneAppli will continue expanding its footprint in the U.S, and plans to increase their product lines to cover a broader range of requirements of Salesforce customers.

Website: phoneappli.net/en
U.S. Headquarters: San Jose, CA
Management: Mikio Yanashita, President of PhoneAppli USA
Description: PhoneAppli, a Tokyo based company, is transforming communication
methods within an enterprise to help customers reform their work culture
and increases their business value.

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